Can we pay rent as a couple?

Learn about the different ways you can choose to pay rent using Keyhook.

Written by AaronLast update 1 year ago

Firstly, it is recommended that you understand how to pay rent using Keyhook - instructions can be found here.

When using Keyhook as a couple, it is required that every person who will be signing a lease has their own separate Keyhook account. However, in certain situations this may cause an issue when it comes to paying your rent.

For example:

- One person in the couple may cover rent for both people

- Rent may be paid from a shared bank account

Keyhook has a few different ways for you to handle these situations.

Option 1:

When setting up the rent split between you and your partner in the tenancy, you can choose that one person pays the full rent amount and other person to pay $0 (it is important that you put exactly $0).

Keyhook detects your payments using your unique reference code, so rent payments can be made from either your personal or shared account.

Option 2:

If you have a shared bank account and wish to have a history of rent payments for both of you, you can set up 2 separate recurring payments for 50% of the rent each. Just make sure that the reference is different for each payment and that the references match the ones shown in your individual Keyhook accounts.

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