Can I split the rent between tenants?

Learn how to split rent between tenants.

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Please note, this only applies for tenancies with more than one tenant.

After a tenancy has been accepted by all tenants, it is time to add how much of the total rent each tenant will pay. Often tenants will pay different amounts based off their room size or other factors, and Keyhook allows you to do this within the app.

It is up to the head tenant to input how much of the total rent each tenant will pay. All the tenants should have discussed and agreed upon these amounts before the amounts are entered into the Keyhook app.

If you are the head tenant, to input the rent amounts:

Web or mobile app

  1. Go to your dashboard.

  2. Click on the appropriate property in the list.

  3. Scroll down and look for the card titled "Rent Share"

  4. Add how much rent each tenant will pay in the appropriate input field, or if everyone is splitting the rent evenly, click the split evenly button.

  5. Click "Save"


If the rent does not split evenly (to 2 decimal places), one tenant will need to pay slightly more to handle this. For example if a property with a rent of $1000 / week and 3 tenants that is being split evenly. One tenant will need to pay $333.34, and the other 2 will pay $333.34.

Our apps will help validate your math is correct and make sure that the amounts you have inputted add up correctly to the total rent.

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