Maintenance Issues: Is there an easy fix?

A simple checklist that could fix your problem in 1 minute.

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Sometimes fixing a maintenance issue is as easy as flicking a switch...

Run through this 2 minute checklist and you might save yourself hours of time. This checklist will also provide you with information about your maintenance issue that you can pass on to Keyhook to help get the issue fixed faster.

Electrical Issue

Establish where the issue is:

Use a lamp or a radio to see if a wall socket is working properly. If the socket works, the problem is the appliance.

Check the circuit breaker panel:

In the event of a loss of power to one or multiple outlets/fixtures in your rental, a circuit breaker may have flipped due to a surge in power. Find the flipped switch in your circuit breaker panel and turn it all the way "off" and then "on" again.

Check your bulbs' wattages:

If a light fixture keeps blowing its bulbs, make sure the bulbs are the correct wattage for the fixture. If the correct wattage is not noted on the fixture, try a 60 watt bulb or lower.

Plumbing Issue

Running Toilet:

Is the cistern seal broken or knocked loose? The rubber seal in the cistern may need to be adjusted.

Hot water:

Are you using a hot water cylinder?

Check the hot water cylinder is pulling power from the wall socket (see above: Electrical Issue).

Is the hot water cylinder hot or cold to the touch?

This will help determine if a plumber or an electrician needs to be called.

Appliance Issue

Establish it is not an electrical issue (see above).


Is it leaking? Check the defrost drain:

The defrost drain is typically located at the back of the freezer and can cause condensation and leaking if it is blocked. Unclogging the drain and pouring warm water through it may fix your issue.

Is it running hot/cold?

Check the temperature gauge hasn't been knocked.

Is the fan working?

This helps establish what type of technician needs to be called.

When filling out a maintenance request on Keyhook, giving as much information (including pictures) as possible will mean the right tradesperson will be contacted and the job will get done faster.

If you want to provide more information, contact Keyhook directly from within the app.

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