How does my lease get created?

Learn what goes in to creating a lease

Written by AaronLast update 5 months ago

You can use Keyhook to craft a lease that suits your rental. 

Choose a Template

To begin with, you'll be given 2 options:

1.[Recommended] Start with our Keyhook lease. This lease was written by our legal team with your best interests in mind. 

2. Use the Tenancy Tribunal default lease.

Insert Clauses

After you've chosen a template, you're given access to Keyhook's Clause Library so you can pick and choose from dozens of Keyhook clauses that you may want to add to your lease.

The only pet allowed is a turtle named Barry? No problem! 

Need to store belongings in a shed out back? No worries! 

Select which clauses you want added to your lease and Keyhook will insert them for you.

Can't find what you're looking for in our Clause Library? Every property is different and you may need to write your own clauses. Follow the link provided to make sure your clauses are sound and add them to the lease.

Finalising and Signing

Once you've completed the lease, Keyhook will generate an official copy and present it to all parties. After all parties have carefully read the lease, they can easily e-sign it and your tenancy is live! 

A copy of the signed lease is stored on all participating parties' profiles to view at any time.

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