Why does Keyhook tell me my rent is overdue after I've paid it?

Reasons why your rent payments might not be processing.

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Written by Support TeamLast update 1 year ago

If you are being notified that your rent is overdue after having paid it, one of two things may be happening:

1. The payment is still processing

Payments can take up to a full business day to process. If you paid rent over a weekend, it may take until Tuesday morning for the payment to process. Payments made on a weekday should process within a full business day.

2. Your reference code or other payment details were incorrect

Each payment you make should include a reference code specific to you and your current tenancy. The reference code is an "r-" followed by 2 randomly generated words separated by a "-" (e.g. "r-word-word") and can be found in the payments section of the Keyhook app. If this code is not entered or is entered incorrectly, your payment will not process properly.

If your payment hasn't processed after a full business day, please check the bank account number and reference code details on your payment were correct.

If your payment details were entered incorrectly, or if they were entered correctly and it has been a full business day since you made a payment, contact [email protected] via email or through the Keyhook app.

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